“w”代表warm。“w+”冰箱是专门为厨房环境而设计的一款冰箱。在大多数家庭中,尤其在 南方家庭,厨房作为家的一部分并不会有专门的供暖设备。“w+”是一款可以智能散热而不占用多余空间的冰箱,它的热量来自于冰箱的散热,节约了能源。而且可以通过账户登录,使温度实时控制,还可以进行留言,使使用的人可以进行互动。三角形的构造可放在墙角,旋转的方式可以使开门更加方便。是一款未来的新型冰箱。


“W” on behalf of warm. “W+” refrigerator is designed specifically for the kitchen environment and a refrigerator.In most families, especially in the south, there is no special heating equipment in the kitchen as part of the family. “W+” is a smart cooling can not occupy the excess space of the refrigerator, its heat from the cooling of the refrigerator, saving energy. And you can log in through the account, so that the temperature of real-time control, you can also leave a message, so that people can interact with. Triangle structure can be placed in a corner, the way can be rotated to open the door more convenient. Is a new type of refrigerator in the future.

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